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Here are some nice photos from Cameroon with some nice captions following them:

- - STREET / / ZOO - -

I have very little to say about this photo. I was waiting to get into the zoo in Yaoundé and snapped it just like that. I tried to take a photo of some guys on motorbikes but they told me off for pointing a camera at them. Thought better of it after that.

This one as well - very little to say. Once again, I was waiting to get into the zoo (the same one) and saw this clown with a santa on the back of a bike advertising Christmas (or something) so snapped 'em up. You'd be amazed by the amount of things that can happen to you while you're waiting to get into the zoo. What happens to you while you're waiting to get in to a zoo? Let me know, get in touch.

This one is of a church and a tree. Gets you thinking doesn't it? What's it all about, all this? Find out next time.

This one is also related to that same visit to the zoo. However, this one was while we were waiting to leave for the zoo, rather than waiting to get into the zoo. If you click on this photo, you can zoom in and see loads of women and children playing and/or washing, or you can zoom in and look at the different trees, it's really up to you. Anyway, hope you enjoy - that's what Tradder's Exploriumgavanza is really for, your enjoyment:

This next one is of a little kid called Ismael who came to the zoo with us. He was obsessed with Dragonball Z and was constantly doing weird sound effects of lasers and stuff. At first I thought he was kind of cool but quickly became worried about him. He thought he was actually in Dragonball Z. He kept on doing these odd little moves, before indiscriminately yelling something and fighting us or his mum, or some invisible enemy. He didn't even really look like he was enjoying it, more that it was his duty. He was totally enraptured in Dragonball Z world. Take a look, let me know what you think:

Here's a snap that's actually from the zoo. We didn't know that it was gonna be a zoo with animals in cages and stuff. We asked them to take us to a proper reserve but I don't think they understood. It was the saddest place I've ever been. Animals were locked inside these tiny chain link fence cages. This crocodile looked like he would have been able to get out easily. He's hiding under that little stage on the left. Apparently the croc uses that stage for karaoke when the sun sets and no-one is around (I'm only joking, that's why you're here, no? For a laugh and a joke?). Anyway, enjoy now:

Here's a really sad monkey in a cage (further down you will see happy monkeys, not in cages. Don't worry):

And here is one of the people I was with looking at a sad lioness in a cage (I don't have any photos of happy lionesses not in cages, apologies):

- - NATURE / / APES - -

I went to a gorilla reserve in the Mefou region. Here are some snaps of some apes:

And now here are some photos of trees that I saw in the very same ape reserve. I suppose you could say that they reserved trees as well as apes. Good on 'em, I say. Long life to 'em, I said. One of these trees looked like a lady - can you guess which one? If you can, please, get in touch.


Near the hotel I was staying at, there was a big ol' market that looked like a carpark. I went there looking for laughs and boy did I find 'em.

People who worked at the hotel told me that at that market I could find whatever I was looking for (laughs). So I set off from the hotel and, on the way, I saw some big ladies dancing and shaking their booties. It turned out they were advertising for Sharp Electronics. They drew a pretty big crowd and caused a traffic jam because of cars slowing down to take a look.

After that, some guy outside an electronics shop started talking to me. I don't recall his name, but do recall this photo:

That guy showed me through the market, on the condition that I bought a Cameroon football shirt from his stall at the end. He was really lovely. He introduced me to his daughter who owned a little betting kiosk next to the market as well. As I mentioned, the market looked just like a carpark. Look at it!

Me and that guy walked around for a while and went up the stairs of the market. There were people selling odd ends everywhere. These three guys were particularly nice.


If any of you ever try to steal any of my fucking ideas, I will track you down and gut you.